We are open for business as usual during this time. Our warehouse is open to send orders as required and deliveries are reaching customers every day.

Our shipping companies are still making deliveries to anywhere in the UK. They are respecting social distancing and taking extra care while making deliveries. 

We are happy to report there is no affect on our US business and they also continue to operate normally.

  • Security Statement

We will NEVER sell your personal details or email address or allow them to be used by any other company or third party. They are kept on a certified SSL secure server and cannot be accessed by third parties.

We DO NOT keep or store your credit card details and do not have access to them at any point during or after the transaction.

  • Is Delivery Completely Free?

Yes, we are able to offer free delivery on all orders. We have huge experience in shipping large orders and we ensure that your order arrives intact and undamaged.

  • Do you Deliver to Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately at this time we do not deliver to Northern Ireland.

  • Do you Deliver to The Isles of Scilly?

Yes, we provide Free Delivery to The Isles of Scilly.

  • Can we return furniture if we do not like it?

Absolutely yes but please look carefully at the sizes and photos before making your decision as it is costly and inconvenient (for both you and us) to return large items of furniture.

We do understand that buying such large items on the internet can be a big decision so we would urge you to study the photos and descriptions on each listing, it may be that buying from a store is more suitable for some customers.

  • What grade teak do you use?

Grade A teak is used on all of our furniture. It has a beautiful fine finish, silky smooth to the touch.

  • Is your furniture kiln dried?

Yes all of the Grade A teak used in our furniture is kiln dried to around 8% moisture content.

  • Does the furniture need to have a finish applied?

Yes if you want to keep the teak looking new and golden but no if you prefer to let it weather to a silver/grey finish. Please see our product care section for more details.

  • Can we swap out chairs or swap out the table? For example for a different style or size?Unfortunately not, dining sets are sold complete as they are shown on the listing
  • Why are your prices so low compared to other teak furniture?

We import all of our teak furniture direct from the factory in Java direct to our UK location here in Hertfordshire and to our US location in Florida. In both locations we operate from a large warehouse with sales office attached. Most tasks are handled by Oceanic Teak Staff whether that is answering calls or sending out orders, even the photos that you see on the website are taken and set up by our own staff. In other words it is our Hard Work and Experience that keeps our costs low and this is passed directly onto you. 

  • Do you supply commercial customers like hotels and restaurants?

Yes, please see our commercial page for further information

  • How long does my order take to arrive?

We will notify you when your order is scheduled to leave the warehouse and then Freight & Ground deliveries are both a 2 day service from when your order leaves us.

  • I have black mildew on my furniture, how can I remove it?

All outdoor furniture will be affected by unsightly black mould or mildew sooner or later and sometimes after just a few days.  To prevent mildew from forming, wash when the furniture is new and then occasionally with a mixture of detergent or bleach. Existing mould & mildew may be removed with an outdoor bleach solution or detergent in a regular garden sprayer. Usually just spraying the area will remove most black marks – follow manufacturers guidelines for dilution strength and safety guidelines. For stubborn areas the use of a teak cleaner may be necessary and in some cases the wood may need to be sanded to completely remove it. To clean dirt buildup use a detergent or bleach with a stiff synthetic bristle brush. After scrubbing, rinse off with water. Ideally this process should be done every Spring & Autumn or simply as required.

  • There are small crack & splits on my furniture, is this normal?

Yes this is completely normal. Over time the teak may flex or warp slightly and cracks (known as checking) may appear; this is a characteristic of all hardwood timbers and will not affect the strength or durability of the furniture.

  • Do you sell your furniture on Amazon?

No, we do not sell our furniture via any third party or drop ship sites like ebay, amazon, wayfair, hayneedle etc. The only way to buy Oceanic Teak Furniture is direct!